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What is Natural England?

Natural England is here to conserve and enhance the natural environment, for its intrinsic value, the wellbeing and enjoyment of people and the economic prosperity that it brings.

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Latest news

  • Water companies’ pricing review must deliver environmental gain

    Natural England, the government’s independent advisor on wildlife, today called on water companies to sharpen up their draft business plans to ensure that the Review of Water Pricing for the next five years (the PR09 Review) delivers on its potential to benefit the environment.
  • Dormice sleep again in the Yorkshire Dales

    One of Britain’s best loved, but most elusive mammals, even more rare in 2017 as recent studies suggest – the hazel dormouse – is back in the Yorkshire Dales National Park following a successful re-introduction project. It is 100 years since the creatures – made famous in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – were last recorded in the Park.
  • A click in the ocean

    From today, users of Google Earth can see the splendour and beauty of England’s undersea landscapes thanks to a new layer available from Google Earth Outreach, which has an advanced layer this January. This layer has compelling video streams, photo galleries and stories, showcasing the network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world including a fascinating insight into life below English seas courtesy of Natural England.

Website availablity

Content on both english-nature.org.uk, e.g. SSSIs, NNRs, LNRs, and the walks and rides on cwr.defra.gov.uk have been restored.
However, we are still working to bring online Species Licensing back up. For information and advice please call the Wildlife Management & Licensing Service Enquiry Line on 0845 601 4523 or email wildlife@naturalengland.org.uk.

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