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Natural England will ensure that there is a strong evidence base to inform choices across society on the best ways to protect and enhance the natural environment.

The State of the Natural Environment 2008 report, brings together for the first time the evidence we have about the current state of our natural environment. Future economic and social development along with environmental change will have significant consequences for the natural environment. These consequences need to be thoroughly understood and factored into decision-making if the natural environment is to be protected and enhanced.

Climate change, agricultural reform, urban development and transport are some of the key factors that will have the most significant effects on the natural environment over the next 50 years.

To guide its research, Natural England has produced a knowledge strategy. It joins up and builds on the research agendas from the three founding organisations, ensuring that the strategy combines the best of all research to date.

The Natural England framework for Science, Research and Evidence sets out a framework to provide the evidence to support the delivery of Natural England’s strategic direction

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